The task at hand

I know I have been slacking lately. I haven't been writing. I've been doing everything BUT writing, actually. I did almost all of the laundry over the weekend. I sorted out some things to be donated. I bought two bags after a bit of a bag buying hiatus (and sent 5 to the donation pile). I took the sheets off the guestroom bed and remade the bed. I have been busy with everything but...writing.

Having a laptop is a curse and a blessing. It can go anywhere in the house that I go. Wifi means internet everywhere. It means I could sit down with good intentions and wind up surfing the web. I will make the rounds between email, message boards and Facebook and go through the loop until something new registers. I need an intervention.

I can watch Hoarders and fold clothes (this has been a weekly habit), I can watch Netflix and Hulu, and the thing is, I will likely never catch up with the things I want to watch. There are a ton of TV series that I mean to watch and don't because by the time I get to it, they are two or three seasons in, and I am left in the dust. Online you can find these series and OD, instead of a 7 day break, you can gorge on the stuff, one episode after the next. I recently found a link to Madmen (thanks to my BFF) and I started in on that one. I claim to not watch TV but I guess I do. I try to accomplish other tasks, like cooking (set the laptop on the counter and go to town) and chores (set the laptop on the bed or dresser and fold clothes) so I don't feel too bad. Those are sort of mind numbing activities anyway, so it's alright if I accompany that with a bit of entertainment.

Writing requires my full concentration. I can't deal with noises or knowing that someone may need me to do something for them. I need a space to myself and a block of uninterrupted time to accomplish anything. I envy people that can focus on writing with a TV blaring or sitting in a Starbucks for the day. I can not. I often say that I couldn't have gone to college anywhere but where I went and make it out in 4 years because I am too easily distracted. It's like the world is run on distractions--commercials, multiple links on the internet, applications that can provide entertainment over the drudgery you're experiencing. I know some of it is my own fault. I don't want to write because sometimes it feels like a chore. Sometimes I feel like I won't finish what I know needs to be done, so I put it off for another day.

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