What the...?

I just read that NBC is moving Jay Leno back into the Late Night slot. Just what the hell--did Leno make a deal with the devil? Is there some kind of prenup with NBC? The 10 O'clock show bombed, so now they move him back? To his old job? And they give Conan the shaft, like he's a red-headed stepchild?
I watched Leno regularly when I was in El Paso and the shows started an hour earlier than they did on the East Coast. I liked it, but after awhile, it got stale. I prefer Conan O'Brien's humor--unfortunately I don't watch the show because I get up around 6 for my j-o-b every morning. I can laugh at Leno, but O'Brien will put me in hysterics, and it's mostly because the jokes come at his own expense*. Besides, that, who doesn't love a man with hair just like Herbie the Elf's? guess he made one too many too many cracks about NBC's poor ratings.

*and because I harbor a secret crush on him, but that's between me and the three of you that are reading this

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