Snow Daze

Even if you don't live in the D.C. area, chances are good that you have heard about the blizzard (mmm, Dairy Queen) that hit the mid-Atlantic states. Even my cousins in Italy have heard about it, so if you haven't, where have you been?

Anyway, my biggest complaint:
The nonstop news coverage on Saturday. The local NBC station decided it would be wise to do a full day of news weather reports. They pre-empted the Today show. Now I realize missing the Today show isn't the end of the world, but we got to see Pat Collins walking around D.C. with a yard stick telling us how deep the snow was. We had others grabbing handfuls of snow to tell us the consistency. We had footage of the Dupont Circle snowball fight. After the snow lands and the numbers are counted, there's not much else to say. You get the standard "Take breaks so you don't have a heart attack while shoveling" and "Beware of the killer icicles" warnings, you get snapshots of unplowed roads, and that's really about it. By late afternoon, you could tell the reporters and meteorologists were struggling to rephrase things already stated multiple times. This is a really lame complaint, and it's nothing new. Any kind of weather is a big deal and snow seems to be the biggest. I have learned that adults are just as giddy as kids when snow days are involved.

The good: The power didn't go out. My husband shoveled. The alley behind the house is plowed (as of a few hours ago). We live directly across the street from a huge shopping center, so there's no real need to hoard milk, bread and rock salt and no need to drive. The Federal government and my daughter's daycare are closed, so I can probably skip work without providing much explanation.

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