Miss me?

No? Okay.

Some things:

1) Nothing flattens the stomach like a bout of food poisoning (which likes to hit a) on vacation and b) right around 2 a.m.). I don't want to get into details (and you probably don't want me to), but it pains me that the culprit was probably ice cream. Given that we are in the midst of Bad-Egg-apalooza 2010, I blame the hens. The irony was that my throat killed (we'll leave it at that) and what soothes the throat? Something cool and creamy? Right.

2) This summer kind of sucks for movies. Maybe that's good since it costs $10.50 a ticket (add $7 more for motion-sickness inducing 3D).

3) I went to the gym on Friday after a long bout of laziness hiatus. I felt annoyed when I was pulling out of the parking lot and one woman was clearly struggling to squeeze her behemoth vehicle into a spot--there were a bunch of open spaces far from the gym, but who wants to park and do all that walking when you're about to work out?