And the subpar film celebration continues...

Well, we watched another gem last night. If you ever wanted to make 89 minutes feel like three hours, watch Megafault. It's the cinematic equivalent of that old saying, "I spent a week in Philadelphia one night."
Disclaimer: feel free to insert any other city you wish to disparage. No offense to anyone who loves Philly, it's the city I heard used in the joke. It's a great town. Cheesesteaks! Brotherly Love! Too much pandering, you say?

This movie contained not just one, but two big names (Brittany Murphy and Eric LaSalle) and (amazingly) they were on screen for most of the movie. I actually think it's genius to have Eric LaSalle in a disaster movie. The guy always looks surprised (which worked well on ER too), so when you have a bunch of scenes involving surprises in the form of the ground opening wide under your feet, and you need someone to convey the shock of it all, he's your guy. Here's where the movie diverted from my general disaster movie plot theory--there was no love interest or romantic tension that would lead you to think that the two leads would live for today and find a few moments of tender luuuuv makin' (or even just a stolen passion-filled kiss. There was an expert, there was the bad seed trying to do right, and the military people (evidently there was no budget for military consultants, judging from the uniforms and vehicles in the movie). There was also a husband, a kid who seemed to exist to look cute and/or exhausted and there was a trucker who believed the best way to deliver his lines was to shout all of them. There was a bad script ("There's an earthquake on our tail," was one of the lines) and bad special effects galore.

I don't know why we watch these things. Maybe we're masochists? Because we like wasting time? I got some good laughs, so it wasn't a total waste. I do remember turning to my husband to say, "I hope this wasn't Brittany Murphy's last movie."

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