What the...?

I just read that NBC is moving Jay Leno back into the Late Night slot. Just what the hell--did Leno make a deal with the devil? Is there some kind of prenup with NBC? The 10 O'clock show bombed, so now they move him back? To his old job? And they give Conan the shaft, like he's a red-headed stepchild?
I watched Leno regularly when I was in El Paso and the shows started an hour earlier than they did on the East Coast. I liked it, but after awhile, it got stale. I prefer Conan O'Brien's humor--unfortunately I don't watch the show because I get up around 6 for my j-o-b every morning. I can laugh at Leno, but O'Brien will put me in hysterics, and it's mostly because the jokes come at his own expense*. Besides, that, who doesn't love a man with hair just like Herbie the Elf's? guess he made one too many too many cracks about NBC's poor ratings.

*and because I harbor a secret crush on him, but that's between me and the three of you that are reading this

Let the Ray Bradbury Theater marathon begin

I am a fan of the original Twilight Zone, and a few years ago, I broke down and bought the entire collection on DVD (Thank you, Amazon). Actually, what happened was, I had a baby and I couldn't watch the marathons held on New Year's anymore. I reasoned that I could have my own marathons this way.

I was also a fan of:
Tales from the Dark Side
The Hitchhiker
Tales from the Crypt
Alfred Hitchcock Presents
The New Twilight Zone
Ray Bradbury Theater. All of these shows* have their own feel, but most of them involve some kind of science fiction and plot twist. Some have aged better than others (I think the Twilight Zone is dated, but in a cool way, unlike some of those series from the '80s). I bought this from Amazon, and get this--the collectable tin with all of the episodes inside is a few dollars less than the same collection without the tin. You get 1571 minutes of show for $16.49 AND a collectable tin. That's just a little over 1 cent per minute! When I compare that to the 3.5 cents per minute I spent on the Twilight Zone, I have to admit--I feel a little cheated.

One of my favorite Ray Bradbury stories was not on his series, but a series called "Wonderworks," which ran on PBS. I thought about it a few months ago and actually found it on YouTube (thank you, Google). I'm embedding the first part, but you should easily be able to find the next two parts of the story there as well.

*In case you were wondering, I never could get into Outer Limits and I've never seen Night Gallery.


I ask you

Who would wear these (and no, not as a gag or a dare, but with a straight face and the belief that this is fashion at its best)?

Anytime, anywhere

Check out this link.

Pay close attention to the woman in the car in the upper left hand corner.

I wasn't shopping for barf bags, incidentally, I just happened to type "ebag" into my handy dandy Google search thingy and that was one of the links that came up. I was trying to do some online bag browsing and curiosity took me there. Who knew they sold actual cloth bags that you KEEP for times when you need to throw up. But not only that, doesn't it seem like you have to do a lot of unfolding and preparing before you actually yak into the thing?