Something about this Playboy interview is funny. We have people hoping it’s some other influence speaking (drugs, alcohol, insanity). Please, please, they say, let this guy not be that big of a DB.

So he apologized in concert. When stuff like that happens, I almost would rather have the person own the crazy. “Yeah, I said it. And?” I prefer that over some ol’ bull™ (phrase courtesy of Micki) “Oops, let me shut my piehole and disappear for awhile” comments or sending up some tweets like the twit you are in order to do some instant damage control.

Some highlights I found funny:
He’s got a “pass,” as in a pass into the black people world. Oh-kay then. Is this like the opposite of Eddie Murphy going undercover into the white people world?

His penis is not just a member, but a Klan member.

Some black girls could possibly break his heart like a white girl would (Kerry Washington, I’m looking at you?)

But! “He makes great music!” People say. I am not that much of a fan, sorry. That father-daughter song is cree-pee. From the lyrics:
Fathers be good to your daughters
Daughters will love like you do
Girls become lovers who turn into mothers

I would like to take a shower now, thanks. Could you imagine a woman’s version about little boys turning into men who turn into lovahs and then daddies? Could you come up with an entire song about that? ICKKKK! Who makes that connection and goes, "I know, I'll write a song about it!" and then puts it to music? Ick, I say!

I’m not all that outraged that this man wouldn’t find me attractive (or specifically, his penis). No really, I'm not. I think the people who get mad are the same ones who are mad that none of Tiger Woods’s mistresses were black. I mean what is the problem, here, exactly? I’m missing out on a cheater? A publicly known DB wouldn’t be that into me? It feels like I've won without even trying.

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