No, not me, but my sister--this morning I received this:
This made me laugh so hard when i saw this about you lol a6r.org/MKijV8ch (<---don't go there!) I thought it was a little weird, since we usually just email each other, but like an idjit, I clicked the link. It led me to what I thought was Twitter's homepage, so like an idjit, I logged in. And then came to a page claiming Twitter was having technical difficulties. I returned to the message, clicked the link, lather, rinse, repeat (you know, like a really big idjit), same results. But I want to see what she saw about meeee, I thought. Then I looked at the web address and thought--Twittejr.com? waiiiit a minute--this is not Twitter.

Clever hacker.

(yes, I know, I once posted this, and though I have created an account, I obviously have remained somewhat clueless about the mysteries of the Twitter.)

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