Desperately seeking studs

I love studs. There, I said it. I love studded things.

I like this. I stalked and bought this. I have leather gloves with studs, shoes and boots with studs and a belt with rounded studs. The issue then becomes making sure you only have one of these items on your body at a time. It's the same dilemma that comes with wearing animal print.

"Oh that trend won't last much longer" my mom said one or two years ago, but thankfully it's still going strong.

I was watching Life on Mars on Netflix. (Sidenote: TV shows always make the past look better than it actually did) This show takes place in 1973, the fashion dark ages, but there was a female character wearing a beige corduroy blazer and it had (wait for it) flat antique studs around the lapels. I thought, "Hey I have a beige corduroy blazer. I don't wear it as much as I should but maybe if I..." (runs off to Google)"...get crafty and put some studs on the lapel..."

You see? This is how it gets out of hand. I was actually contemplating a BeDazzler! Then I looked up reviews on Amazon and they are not so dazzling.

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