Early Bird

Apparently Conan O'Brien is doing a tour. As soon as I found out about this, I looked for tickets. The D.C. show is on June 8th. Well, I checked the calendar and initially thought "Shit! Crap! I won't be here!" I am visiting my best friend in June. I try to go every year (or she comes here). Then I thought, "Oh good, I will be here." I will be catching a red eye flight home, which means I get in an Oh-dark-thirty in the morning and that night I could have a night on the town with my husband. We got to see his man-crush in October, so I should be able to see my Co-nan crush in June, right? Fair is fair. Besides, my husband thinks he's funny too. It wouldn't be like he'd be checking his iPhone throughout the show, like he did at a certain Cure concert or something.

Apparently word got out through Twitter. I have a Facebook account but I drew the line at Twitter. It just sounds too annoying and high maintenance. Some people look at Facebook the way I look at Twitter. "Why should I get an account? It's just people twittering or tittering or tweetering in 140 characters or less. Why do I need this?" Well I got my answer today, didn't I? Apparently the tickets sold out pretty quickly, or at least for the D.C. shows, you can't even find tickets in pairs anymore. If I really wanted to find some tickets now, I guess they wouldn't come cheap. Get it? Cheap? Cheep? CHEEP CHEEP? Eh?

is this thing on?

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