I've written before about people having a hustle. I knew an Army major who would go to car auctions and find a car that someone wanted. She would pay the auction price and make money off of the difference the client was willing to pay. I have a friend who would do focus groups and mystery shop, and do product sample displays where people shopped. And we already know about Mary Kay and Avon (and Pampered Chef, Tupperware, and every other item you don't buy in the store that people throw "parties" for).

I think eBay is a great idea. Buy something for a bargain or regular price if it's in demand, and then set your price on eBay. It's going on right now with the Missoni for Target stuff. I think I could do that. Except I'm lazy. And maybe a small part of me feels bad jacking up the price of something well beyond what is on the tag (yes, I know, finder's fee and people are willing to pay). But mostly I'm lazy.

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