Tangled web

In my work experience, I have worked for two separate companies twice, meaning I was rehired, by two companies, twice. Now I'm attempting to go for three. I'm not doing this in an attempt to have multiple 401K plans across the corporate world, the lesson here is to not burn bridges. As tempting as it is to leave a place in a blaze of glory, the satisfaction from that is generally short-lived. At the time you think, Oh hell to tha naw, I am not working for those emmer effers ever again. The truth is, you never know, you just might.

I am working through my connections. We'll see how it goes. Oddly enough, my husband now works for this company as well, so we'd be keeping it in the family. The other two interviews I have lined up are contracting positions within the same organization (two different companies). The catch is that this organization will be relocating to San Antonio within a year, which means that the jobs in this area go poof. My guess is, the people who held these jobs probably jumped ship not long after the move became official. I've seen it before, when on of the places I worked was being shifted to Hunstville, Alabama. There were a couple of guys who were okay with the move and the rest? Oh hell to tha naw, I'm not moving to Hunstville. And then the jobs ended and the people scattered. Poof. Such is the life of a contractor.

I still plan to take some time off. So far I have watched lots of Netflix movies, I've recaulked the master bathroom tub and toilet (ick) and I am slowly going through my clothes that either need to be hand washed or require mending and/or ironing. I know no matter how much I get accomplished, there will always be more to do. It's just that the time always goes too quickly. Poof.

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gekko422 said...

I love SA. Pretty city, pretty river, nice area of Texas, nice people!! I say go for it!!