First date

You know what is a terrible idea for a first date? The movies. Think about it—you’re in a dark theater making eye contact with a giant screen and you’re not talking (and you’re not supposed to talk). It’s a pretty bad idea.

I am married to a movie lover. We went on a few dates in college but I won’t go so far to say that we were dating. We went to movies. What was the first movie we saw? Are you ready for this one?

Mr. Holland’s Opus. Yes, that’s right, a movie about a high school music teacher who missed out on some of his life long dreams of making it big. You would have thought we were thrice our ages instead of people barely into their twenties.

Our second movie was “Twister,” which admittedly is a little more date-ish. I know at some point future husband bought a drink at one of these movies and asked if I wanted a sip. One straw, people. Of course I said no. He had no idea that I had an issue with backwash--and even if it's just one part per million backwash in a giant vat of soft drink it's still backwash.

It took a few more years, a few more dates and a few more movies before I would say we qualified as “dating.” Not only that but we are both shy and quiet which means things were a-w-k-w-a-r-d (and I am sure there are days when he wishes we could go back to me being quiet but those days are gone).

The lesson is what? I don’t know. Slow and steady? Go bowling instead?


gekko422 said...

On our first date, me and "guy" went to dinner where he told me his Dad had died the week before. On our second date, me and "guy" saw Big Fish, a movie about a guy coming to terms with his Dad's dying/death. Yeah, that one was a great choice!!!

-GRC said...

You know what we saw the night he proposed? "The Runaway Bride." True story! :)

Terri said...

Haha we saw Mr Holland's Opus vey early in our "dating" life too. My husband was a music major at one point.