Life is a Smiths Album

I watched "Just Like Heaven" yesterday--I am slightly embarrassed that it was in my Netflix queue (but not embarrassed enough to not mention it here). Recently we downsized our subscription (and by "we," I mean my husband) and this eliminated my queue, which means I have to go in and hijack his queue if I want to see anything besides "2012" and "Transformers 2" and any other over CGI'd disaster blockbuster atrocity. I'm kidding. Once in awhile he surprises me, which was why I assumed that this movie was his choice.

I know it's fluff. I knew the ending was going to be "and they lived happily ever after." I still sat through the 90 minutes of movie as if I didn't know this. I heart like Mark Ruffalo. I like Reese Witherspoon. I like the Cure (the title was nabbed from one of their most popular songs). The reality was that this movie should have been called "Girlfriend in a Coma," which is a Smiths song, and though it gives away a major element of the story, it is closer to the plot. "Just Like Heaven" just sounds nicer. Who wants to go to the box office and say "Two tickets for 'Girlfriend in a Coma,' please?"

I know what people say--Oh they're so depressing. Oh that stupid suicidal Morrissey, he hasn't offed himself yet? Oh all that angst. Oh I hate his voice (my husband).

Tongue in cheek, people! I like it because you know what? Some of those songs ring true. When life turns melodramatic and the world is against you, you really do feel like you just stepped out of a Smiths album. Currently playing for me: "Heaven Knows I'm Miserable Now."

With my weird non-job still-going-to-the-office-but-not-canned-yet situation, I can't think of a more fitting line than:
I was looking for a job, and then I found a job
And heaven knows I'm miserable now

Tongue in cheek! I know it's not so bad. Let's just hope that the ten ton truck doesn't come for me next.

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