I talked to the company HR Director today. Our company's HR department is a one woman show and she's fabulous. Unlike a lot of corporate HR departments, she really is looking out for the employees. My last company had a phone number you called and you received a ticket number. Supposedly someone would get back to you in 24 hours. What kind of thing is that? We actually had an HR person in the office where I worked, but she was only supposed to support the support staff, not the employees on actual contracts. We had to call someone in another office. Oh, and there was an HR investigation on my boss that was being conducted by an HR person two time zones away. Does that make any kind of sense? I believe the corporate policy was based on making it such a colossal pain in the ass to contact anyone regarding a problem that you would just give up and not bother. Imagine how refreshing it was to join my new company and realize all you have to do is send an email, make a phone call, and/or walk down the hallway and talk to a real person.

Her words to me were "Don't panic yet." She must have said this ten times. I'm still looking for other jobs. I even saw a great one at (wait for it) the Department of Labor. It was posted today. I need to think about applying and do a whole hearted job at completing the application (vs. my usual half assed click to forward the resume).

I know it could be so much worse. I think I'm doing alright (I have this urge to shop but I am on shopping hiatus until this is figured out). I realize some of this anxiety is me feeling sorry for myself after my husband was laid off, I was nearly laid off and now we're trying to recover from the not so great job-shake up of 2009.

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