Today I received a message from one Sergeant First Class Richardson. I am leery of some of these messages because usually they are spam telling me I could get several million dollars mailed to me from soldiers who discovered a stockpile of money in Iraq. Apparently these soldiers don't have family members, or they would rather place their trust in a complete stranger through email.

This message was a little different--
Good afternoon,

This is SFC Richardson, I am a Career Counselor with the Army Reserves,
the reason for this email is due to your current or past interest in
Army Reserves.

Shouls you still have questions or need more detail informaion about
current vacancies, I can provide you with all vacancies across the
states for your current MOS and your current grade or next grade.

I can also provide you with current vacancies in the IMA Nation Wide.

Please email me or call me on my cellphone and we can set an
appointment. If you prefer we may conduct all transaction through
emails, as well.

Thank you ahead for allowing me an opportunity to assist!


Not long after that, I received another message:

Richardson, SFC USAR ARRTD would like to recall the
message, "Army Reserves (UNCLASSIFIED)".

And not long after that...
SFC Richardson,

The email you sent out is an invasion of personal privacy. You made visible the personal email addresses of every single IRR soldier on your contact list (1377 total).
I am requesting that you remove my name from your list, and I will be placing a complaint with the Human Resource Command in St Louis regarding this matter.
I have included everyone your original email went out to in the B.C.C. line the way you should have in the first place if you knew anything about privacy and information assurance (which I am sure is still mandatory training in every branch of the military). It would also be in your best interest to run a spell check when you send out your SPAM announcements.

It's all fun and games if it's on company email address, not so much if you're sending it to "hotbootykiss@yahoo.com." This went to my personal email address, by the way (and no, I am not "hotbootykiss"). I very vaguely remember giving my email address out to someone when I was in the Army, but how this guy got it is beyond me. To quote someone from another event, all I have to say is, "please kindly remove me from this listserve."

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