Late to the Party

After the day of Corporate Twitter, someone apparently received the emails the following morning and felt the need to send this:
"please stop sending emails saying stop sending emails!"

This morning the same person sent this:

Regarding the email incident on Friday, March 6, I truly didn't knowthe issue was ended on the day before because I wasn't here Thursday. It is my fault I didn't check the time frame before I sent out the email so I seriously apologize for that. However, as you see the contents of the email was never intended to offend or harm anyone where it was just to stop the chain. So I really appreciate if you stop sending me vicious emails containing offensive words. Thank you so much.

I'll admit that I was a little pleased that his late response elicited a few nastygrams (funny how those people knew not to "Reply All" when sending out their death threats) but why in the world did he feel compelled to mention the "email incident on Friday, March 6?" Is that really helping things?

It only spurred someone (one of those types who just HAS to get in the last word, no doubt) else to write this:

I am replying to all on purpose. Please stop replying to all!! This email has taken on the life of a virus and has consumed so many man hours with just people deleting replies from their in boxes that there needs to be a charge number for it.

Apparently there are far too many computer challenge people in this company. It is a very simple concept. If you want to reply to the sender, don't push the "Reply to All" button; use the "Reply" button.

Let's put this email to rest. Do not reply to this email!

And with that, this horse is ready for the glue factory.

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