Since August I have had an iPhone. In some ways I like having it because it means anywhere I pick up a signal, I am connected. In other ways I hate it because--I'm connected.

--If your phone vibrates (or chimes) and you immediately check your computer for the new email message, you're too connected

--If you're putting off real things that need to be done so you can catch a few more minutes on the computer, you're too connected

--If you're sending text messages to your husband and he's within hearing/throwing something and hitting him range, you're too connected

--If you thought of a new status update and you just can't wait to post it on Facebook, you're too connected

--If something happened and you can't wait to post the photos, or describe it to someone online, you're too connected

--If you see that your Facebook friend count dropped and you take a moment to figure out who dropped you, you're too connected!!!

I'm guilty of all of these to some degree.

Tell you what, I'm going to sign off of Blogger and get back to living.

(just give me 5 minutes)

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