I don't really want to be 3 again, but I'd like the happiness that a 3 year old has.

Sometimes I ask my daughter if she's happy, just to hear the answer--

without hesitation it is always an enthusiastic: YES!

What is it that happens between then and when we grow up? When exactly does the balance of life shift so we find ourselves more UNhappy than happy? When do we start harboring and holding onto things that drag us down? When do you go from living the dream to living a dream deferred? At what point do we become jaded and closed off? Why does it have to be this way?

I know the answer isn't in things, but having enough to not worry and live comfortably helps.

Going on a path that you enjoy helps

Being with someone you love helps, but sometimes all of these things are not enough. Sometimes you just want to be at the point where you don't have to weigh the pros and cons or think about it--because if anyone ever asks if you're happy, you will already know that the answer is, undoubtedly, unhesitatingly, enthusiastically--


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