Attention Sports Nuts

You're going to hell!

Don't believe me? Just take a look--

What happened here--did someone draw a blank at the signmaker's shop?

"Oh, hm, let's see...Baby Killing Women, Drunks, Porno Freaks...what was that other one Jim wanted me to put on here? I could have sworn I wrote it down someplace. It's coming back to me now... Sports nuts! Of course! Awful people those sports nuts."

Other things--
I love how "Porno Freaks" gets the B grade horror flick font and "HOMOS" is the only word glammed up in hot pink. And besides, isn't "HOMOS" kind of an 80's term? I mean, really? HOMOS?

Aside from that, hell might be a fun place with that kind of company. Well, except for the Mormons.

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