No, there's no polka playing, but two of the major songs related to West Point (The Alma Mater and "The Corps") will be updated to reflect that there are male and female graduates.  I had gotten a link to a survey awhile back, asking for my opinion--whether I thought the words should be changed.  I voted "yes" but the majority (70-something percent) voted "no."  I figured the issue was dead once the results were out, but it appears the Supe disagreed.

The funny thing is that I might never have known about the survey--it wasn't very publicized at all, but now that this is "news" it has even hit the local circuit, complete with stock footage of the Glee club (camera panning to the faces of the female cadets, of course) with the teaser "Guess what's changing at a service academy?" (okay, it was worded better than that, but that's the gist of it).

P.S. Clicking the title of this entry will send you to the Supe's letter on this subject.

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