It's Complicated

When you complete your Facebook profile, there are certain categories you can fill in, either by typing, or selecting the options from a drop down menu. I totally get why someone who is single would want to put “in a relationship” to throw off people sniffing around the internet for a relationship (*cough* change your security settings *cough*). If you don’t use that option, there are plenty of others, including “Married, single, in an open relationship (this is a new one, must have been added in the recent upgrades) and so on. All of these are okay. It’s a diverse world with diverse people and diverse relationship options. That being said, nothing make me say “Whaaaaa...?” like when someone selects “in a relationship and it’s complicated.”

1) Isn’t every relationship complicated? Or should there be an “in a relationship and it’s really pretty basic” option on the menu as well?

2) Does anyone else agree that this offers a little too much information? When someone’s status changes to this option, it means they did it on purpose. Is it a cry for help? I am dying to ask the details because I’m nosy, but also--I can’t help but feel like selecting “it’s complicated” means the person WANTS you to ask because they are openly advertising it.

I don’t ask. I would never ask unless I talk to that person enough outside of Facebook world to have a clue of what’s going on in the real world.

What I also don’t understand is why people fill out every little thing in their profiles. Just because there’s a blank space or a drop down menu doesn’t mean that you have to put something. A little mystery can be welcome, even if it makes you seem, well, complicated.

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