Evidence that I work with geeks

I received the following in an email message:

Dr. Stephen Hawking is sick and in the hospital. The current news today is that he is feeling better and is resting. I was entertaining the idea of sending the good Doctor a get well email but I don't want to swamp his mailbox. Why doesn't one of us volunteer to collect all the good wishes and send them off in a single email. I don't know if he will get to read it or ever respond but its the thought that counts as Stephen has proven so many times. Being locked up in that body has given him much time to ponder things

Here is his email for those who care...

PSA: If you're sending out information on someone considered to be a public figure, for the love of all that's holy do not put "Sad News" as the title. I held my breath before opening it.

(Stephen Hawking fascinates me; I wish him a full recovery.)

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