The Pressha!

So you're wondering what I was going to have in my list of resolutions for 2009--

What do you mean no? You weren't wondering?


Well, dang, at least you could lie about it. Okay, that's better--

*ahem* Oh! Funny you ask! I don't do resolutions. That's right, I don't do them. My resolutions come as the days do--it doesn't matter if it coincides with throwing out a calendar. I come up with things like:

I'm going to lose weight

I'm not buying any more bags

I'll brown bag it at work

I'm going to hit the gym three times a week

I'm going to eat better

Okay, some of these are unrealistic, vague or both. The gym one is proving to be really unrealistic. The weight loss one-it depends. In one year I lost 41 pounds! No kidding! I also gained that same 41 pounds over the course of a pregnancy in the same year, but that's just a minor detail. You were impressed before I gave you the whole story, right? That's what matters.

I don't make resolutions because of the pressure. It's self-imposed pressure, but pressure nonetheless. you are better off "resolving" when you are ready to tackle the issue not because it's new year's eve and oh-my-God you HAVE TO (HAVE TO!) come up with a set of goals for a better you! After all, you have a new year to impress and you don't want to disappoint it! Now put on your party hat and celebrate!

I do better committing when I'm ready. That could be June 12th, it could be March 19th. If I fail, I get back to it when I think I'm ready again.

So, hello 2009, take me as I am.

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