Avon calling

So I went to Aldi's yesterday. While in line, a woman struck up a conversation. We joked about not getting a cart (you have to pay 25 cents for a cart and you get your quarter back when you return the cart...but anyway). I said carts tie you down. It is the truth. Plus you tend to buy more with a cart (though Target shopping has taught me how to weigh down a basket).

She asked if I took the day off. I said "No...actually I'm on maternity leave." She eyed my stomach and didn't say anything (I was expecting "where's the baby?" but maybe she thought I was still pregnant? Hopefully not. Anyway.) Somehow we got to the "Do you work for yourself" question. I don't know how it got so personal, it was not a long line and she hemmed and hawed getting to that point. Then came the inevitable "Would you like to?"

We know where this is going, right? Be your own boss, sell (insert product here). Except with those things, you're not your own boss. She passed me her Avon card. But here is the thing--she took a day off. From some kind of job that pays the bills and I am willing to bet it wasn't Avon. Unless you are at the corporate level, harassing people in line at the discount grocery store and going door to door pimping skin so soft is probably not going to pay your mortgage, and even if it does, you're still working for someone else. You're not really the captain of your ship.

If you know me at all, you know I didn't say any of this. I just told her to enjoy the beautiful day.


Micki said...

LOL! She didn't know that you are prepared for that question. LOL

-GRC said...

I swear I have a sign that says "sucker" on me somewhere. Every time a person I don't know starts a conversation I initially believe it's happening without an ulterior motive. I need to replace the sucker sign with a "no soliciting" sign.

lauriec said...

I hate people like that. We had a room mom a couple years ago who was high up in the local Mary Kay food chain. She wore her pin EVERYWHERE. Did I want to get some of our mutual friends together at my house for a party? What about just a makeup touch up? Oh, you used to be a makeup artist? Have you considered going back to work ON YOUR OWN SCHEDULE?? Seriously, go away..

The straw that broke the camel's back was at the end of the year some of us sent in money for the teacher & parapro's gifts. They got Mary Kay!!! She took our $$ & bought MK for them. If I didn't already have a negative opinion of their company before, I certainly did after that.

-GRC said...

Oh, don't get me started on Mary Kay and the "parties." I was accosted by the same MK person twice in T.J. Maxx. The second time I gave her a fake name ("Keisha Jackson") and number. She did not realize she had harassed me before!