Cheap Fun

Courtesy of the Thinkbabynames.com Random name generator:

Bluebell Stetson
Rufina Patient
Athie Brucie
Wren Madison
Beyonce Kia
Nefertiti Angle
Diamond Seema
ZsaZsa Fina


lauriec said...

Not that you would ever do this, but I know an ex-Army wife whose children are named Gavin (after WWII Gen. Gavin) and Patton (durr). BTW, Patton's a girl.

Zeva said...

I like "Wren Madison" for a girl

-GRC said...

Laurie--Patton is also our dog! LOL

Z, I am so picky with girl names--it's just been tough for me to figure it out. I don't want something overly popular but I also don't want something too far out there. My own name is getting popular, thanks to a certain supermodel, and even though it's a legitimate first name, many people have asked me if it's a "real" name because it's so uncommon.