It's coming

Time for my annual Holiday message. It gets preachy so consider yourself warned! Mmmm, preachy.

Black Friday is coming. And I'm telling you I'm not going.

Let's take a look at last year's madness. I might get up (because the traffic outside woke me up) and toddle up to the loft to take photos of the madness and point and laugh, but I'm not participating. That's right, I live across the street from a shopping center with all the fixin's and I'm not going. Don't make me post the Dreamgirls song again to emphasize my point.

How does it even come to this? I think the Type A's of the country got together with the retailers and made a deal. Let's make a blood sport out of the day after Thanksgiving with the prize being $3 appliances. Because that's what the holiday season is really about. I love a bargain too, but I'll pass.


lauriec said...

I boycott Black Friday. Is there anything that I MUST HAVE that badly for Christmas that I have to out & about at 4 am? And do I really need to deal with people who are willing to trample other people?

-GRC said...

Totally not worth it! But in an odd way, watching the madness unfold from the warmth of my home IS worth it. :)