Perfect 10

I just packed up a dress I bought from a company that makes clothes where sometimes I'm an 8 and other times I'm a 10. Don't you hate this? Of course I ordered it online and of course I ordered an 8 when I would have been better off with a 10. It fits if I suck it in (because I have made a full--and I mean full--recovery from the food poisoning), but it's still snug at the hips, and the hip bones just can't be sucked in. Returning stuff is a pain, but I decided to get the 10 and send back the 8. Better to have something that fits and can be worn without constantly contorting myself than something that sits in the closet taunting me. (and no, I don't want to hear about that sausage casing shaper thingy known as Ardyss)


lauriec said...

It's unreal how sizes vary from brand to brand. No wonder women are size obsessed!

Anonymous said...

You're a perfect 10 in my book. Especially with nothin on!

-GRC said...

Anonymous it wouldn't look like such a creepy post if people actually knew it was my husband (that's who you are, right? Right?)
Update:I ordered the dress in a 10-- I can wear it, breathe and not pop a seam.