Stream of consciousness

(I was on the train home when I scrolled through my music collection on my ipod and landed on Nine Inch Nails. What follows are the thoughts and actions that resulted from my music selection.)
-Hm, I haven’t heard this in awhile. It’s still pretty good. Hey, I forgot about this song.
-Wait, aren’t they supposed to be in concert soon? Or did it already happen? I’ll have to remember to check that when I get home.

(at home)
(Forgets to check that.)

(in the car the next morning)
-Good thing I found the NIN CD's so I can listen to them in the car.
-Too bad I still need to fix the ipod adapter connection. It sucks to switch CD’s out all the time and I am terrible about taking care of them so they don’t get scratched.
(As an aside, try to drive slowly when a NIN song is playing. It's impossible.)

(on the train)
-Oh good, I can listen to my ipod again
-let’s look through the paper to see if we can find the ad about that concert.
-Nope, can't find it, I guess it already happened
-Oh, wait, here it is.
-And look, Jane’s Addiction is playing too. I forgot about that
(switches ipod songlist from NIN to Jane's Addiction)
-I wonder what the tickets cost. It’ll probably be expensive.
-And I’ll need someone to babysit.
-And my husband will probably not want to go to this, but he will agree to it just to oblige.
-Well at least I’ll be here June 9th—
-Oh wait, no I won’t. I’ll be on a plane returning from California.
-Yay, trip to California!

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