Observations on the Road to Old

Some signs of getting old(er):

A song by your favorite group is regularly piped into stores as easy listening/shopping music (“Friday I’m in Love”)

A song by The Fixx is used to sell Toyotas (“Saved by Zero” isn’t really about zero interest financing)

You have to explain to your decade younger co-worker that the muzak being played is not based on the song by the Notorious B.I.G., but the one by Lisa Stansfield (All Around the World)

You remember when “Our House” was played on the radio, and it wasn’t about coffee.

I Like To Move It” wasn’t geared towards kids.

Songs by Queen and The Police came programmed on your 3 year old's toy guitar.

You can identify (and tend to prefer) the songs being sampled over the newer songs borrowing from the original.


Valerie said...

The Toyota version of Saved by Zero is just terrible. I hate it.

But then, I'm starting to sound rickety, and I need some WD-40 on my joints.

-GRC said...

You know that was a "No they di-in't!" moment for me when i first heard it.