Personal Cheesus

If you look at something long enough, sometimes you can tilt your head, or squint your eyes and see it as something entirely different. Optical illusions are fun. Making something different out of something that is otherwise completely ordinary
can be mesmerizing. How did they do it, you think. What inspired this twist?

Other times the illusion comes about on its own over time and without manipulation. Or sometimes it’s manufactured. Once in awhile one of these things will go up for sale on eBay. Check out the Illinois Corn Flake and the Elvis potato chip.

Then there are the religious sightings. This brings a whole new level of awe. Not only is it something looking like something else (okay, some of these require quite a bit of eye-squinting and head-tilting) but you also have Deeper Meaning. The people who see these things want to convince you: This is no coincidence, my friend!

The last one to make the news was a Cheeto. Now it looked like a T-shaped Cheeto to me, but others insist that no, this was indeed an incarnation of Jesus! On the cross! Wait! Here's another one!

If you don’t see it, you’re just an unbeliever.

Well, that part is true; I have a hard time believing that Jesus would reveal himself to humanity as a salty processed snack food.

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